Project description


From language to writing – from gesture to sign: The second part of our project on the Language of the Angels focuses on the Letters of the Angels.

Developed in 2000 by Robert Krokowski, the Letters of the Angels have since inspired artists from all over the world. The Letters of the Angels are without meaning, but with sense. For as Robert Krokowski says: From the incomprehensible meaning of a writing does not immediately follow its insignificance – much less its meaninglessness.“

The script of the angels is alive and part of the Fraktalwerk Project Space. New projects constantly refer to it, deal directly or indirectly with its signs.
Because everyone can give this language their own meaning, it becomes universal. It is capable of doing something that other languages are only able to do very ponderously: It can transcend the borders of countries and cultures, the borders of different books and the borders of ideas – but above all the borders in the mind. It can create connections where other languages must first be learned.
Thus, the Letters of the Angels is at the same time the script of fantasy and poetry, the script of mystery and creativity. And thus, precisely because of its apparent incomprehensibility, it contributes in a wonderful way to understanding each other better.

Part of the project will be to create a glossary – from the meanings already given and from new ones that will be added by people we invite to give words from the Scripture of Angels their own personal meaning.

Religious ideas have greatly influenced cultures – and even for many people who consider themselves non-religious, angelic figures have a place in their education, in their language and in their everyday imagination. In particular, the performing and visual arts, literature and music have also taken up the topic of „angels“ again and again and have worked on the theme of the „language of angels“ and the „transmission of messages“.

The participatory art project „Language of Angels. Gestures as Mediators between Cultures“ aims to find connections between these worlds of imagination, building on the experience of similar thematically oriented participatory art and aesthetic education projects.

The micro-project 2021/22 focuses on pictorial representations, photos of angel figures and other messenger figures whose gestures have a legible meaning, and on their translation into other forms of representation. Two invitations are issued: one focusses on the photo of gestures of the angels and the photographers; the second invites to dance and wants to translate the gestures into movement. Art examples will give the invitees impulses for their creations and suggestions for the realisation of their own ideas. Participating artists will contribute their own thematic approaches and give impulses for aesthetic form inventions.

The invitations are also aimed in particular at people for whom gestures play a very special role in communication, such as the deaf and also sign language interpreters. The results of the workshop work will be shown in Chemnitz in suitable rooms, partly in rooms of the religious communities, partly in rooms of project supporters (schools, universities, associations, foundations) in the form of presentations and events. The participating artists will also present their personal thematic and formal approaches.