International Photo Challenge „Messages of Angels“

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Welcome to our photo challenge „Messages of Angels“!

With an Open Call, we 2022 invite you to participate in an international Fraktalwerk photo challenge in the context of our project „Gestures as Mediators between Cultures“. The theme is „Messages of Angels“.
Anyone over 18 round the world and the Chemnitz twin towns in particular will be invited to participate.

We are looking forward to photos that show: This angel has interested me or appealed to me with its message „in quite a special way“.
We are also looking forward to contributions in which the gestures of the photographed angels are taken up and performed.
Chosen photos will be exhibited as prints in Fraktalwerk exhibitions as part of the Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025, for the first time in July 2022. Exhibition opening: July 7th, 2022, at the Sparkasse auf dem Sonnenberg, Hainstraße 112, 09130 Chemnitz.

Please send photo submissions exclusively to:
Deadline for entries: 30.04.2022.

Only entries that fully comply with the conditions of participation will be considered for selection. By submitting photos, participants accept the conditions of participation:

Conditions of participation for the photo challenge Fraktalwerk „Messages of the Angels“
Organizer of the photo challenge is Fraktalwerk GbR, Kurt-Franke-Str. 12, 09123 Chemnitz.
All persons aged at least 18 years are eligible to participate.

Technical requirements:
The photos must be saved in the file format .jpg and sent by e-mail in a maximum size of 2 MB to: engelgesten(at)

Prints, photo prints or digital media sent by post cannot be considered and will not be returned.
Fraktalwerk accepts no liability for the loss of or any damage to submitted images or image carriers.

Conditions for participation
Up to two photos per person may be submitted. These photos must not have been published before.

Pornographic motifs and content depicting or glorifying violence or other motifs and content that violate applicable law are excluded from the challenge.

The e-mails containing the photos submitted must include a reference to the authorship of the photo, stating the following

First name Last name
Street house number
Postcode City
Optional: Place where the angel was found

The files will be named as follows:

The closing date for entries is 30.04.2022 24 hrs
Photos submitted later will not be considered.

Third party rights
By submitting a photo, participants guarantee that they own all rights to the submitted photo and that they have the unrestricted copyright and exploitation rights to all parts of the photo. They also guarantee that the picture is free of third-party rights and that no personal rights are violated in the depiction of persons. If one or more persons are recognisably depicted in the photo, the persons concerned must agree to the photo being published. Express reference is made to the provisions of the German Art Copyright Act (Kunsturhebergesetz). The participants assure that they have the corresponding declarations of consent for the aforementioned use and that they can also provide these in writing upon request.

Photos edited on the computer may not contain any parts of pictures from the media (newspapers and magazines or e.g. the Internet). The participants assure that the photo or its distribution does not violate any image provider, trademark, copyright or design right, the right to privacy, publicity rights or other rights of third parties or that third parties are not offended or brought into disrepute.

If a model and/or property release and/or permission from manufacturers of commercial products (e.g. packaging, designer clothing, etc.) is required for the image, then the participants are responsible for ensuring that all necessary releases from the property right holders are available. If necessary, copies of these are to be made available to the organizer. Should third parties nevertheless assert claims for infringement of their rights, the participants shall indemnify the organizer against all claims and the costs of legal representation.

Granting of rights
Each participant grants Fraktalwerk the non-exclusive rights of use, unlimited in terms of space, time and content, to the images submitted for use in the context of the challenge, the exhibition and reporting on it, regardless of the media (e.g. print or internet, websites or social media channels). Publication will take place exclusively on the websites of the Fraktalwerk project space, its social media pages, in exhibitions for artistic and non-commercial purposes. The chosen photos may be published in reports about the challenge. The participation in the challenge does not affect any other use of the photos by the authors at a later date, which is of course possible. Any other use by the Fraktalwerk project space is excluded.

Data protection
The photos will be published with the first name and surname. The complete data will only be used for the purpose of selection for the exhibition and will not be published or passed on. In this regard, we also refer to our privacy policy at

Five to ten participants will be chosen from all participants in the challenge. The jury will be the team of Fraktalwerk Projektraum. Notification will be determinedly e-mail by 31.05.2022 at the latest.

Legal process
The legal process is excluded.