Marlen Wagner

© Fraktalwerk-Projektraum,

since 2020 Fraktalwerk project “Entangelments” with Libertad Esmeralda Iocco and Robert Krokowski

since 2018 Literature project “Numepee dreams” (

since 2017 Individual and group projects in the Fraktalwerk long-term project “Traumbeute” (

since 2015 Co-founder, co-operator and contributor to the Fraktalwerk project space Berlin and Chemnitz (

Since 2011 Land-Art projects and performances, partly in collaboration with Robert Krokowski. Among others: Performance “Traumzeit”, Berlin, Salon der Sprachen in the context of the lecture-performance Robert Krokowski “The Berlin Letter Mysteries – secret messages of a conspiracy?” I Performance “Time – Space”, as part of the roof performance of Fraktalwerk, Berlin I Performance series “Red Thread”, Darß, Berlin, Brandenburg ( I Performance and land art series “Labyrinths”, Darß and Berlin: prickling crackle/being watched; being flooded/on a desert islet; seaborn/concealed entrance (

since 2010 dance photography and dance photography publications (

since 2007 individual and group projects in the Fraktalwerk long-term project “Schrift der Engel” (

since 2000 freelance editor and editor for media projects

since 1990 Photography projects (dance, performance, exhibition documentation)

1985-1990 Chalk drawings, exhibitions in Berlin, “Lamar” series

since 1985 Freelance artist

until 1985 Completed studies in German language and literature and philosophy in Bochum and Berlin