Glossary “Scripture of the Angels”

„Letters of Angels“ (Schrift der Engel) is a scripture that only gradually acquires its meaning. Those involved in past and future projects give words in this language their own personal meaning. In this way, this scripture is able to do something that other languages are only able to do very ponderously: It can cross the borders of countries and cultures, the borders of different books and the borders of ideas – but above all the borders in the mind. It can create connections where other languages must first be learned.
Thus, the “Letters of Angels” is at the same time the scripture of fantasy and poetry, the scripture of mystery and creativity. And thus, precisely because of its apparent incomprehensibility, it contributes in a wonderful way to understanding each other better.
The second part of our project “Entangelments” focuses on writing. From November 2022, we will compile a glossary of the “Letters of Angels”.


– wie Lachse, die gegen den Strom schwimmen.


– like the threads with which the hand weaves.


like an unintentional gaze wandering across the glittering sea.


Memories –
like the scars that do not fade.


Life –
like the light behind the door.


Hole –
to lead someone down the garden path.


In the scripture of the angels, only one sign distinguishes curiosity from expectation – the last one. 


Sonnenaufgang –
wie entzünden, erhellen.


Dust –
like the land, that the unlucky inhabit.


Having great expectations, having a preconceived notion of what is likely to happen – the prospect of future good (possessions, social advancement) goes astray not […]