Libertad Esmeralda Iocco

A gesture of flexibility

First lesson: The thumb is held up as the hand slides down the right cheek: The word/concept is: Monday. Second lesson: The index finger and […]

Gestures in movement

Dance gestures are small moments of dance work that remind us of what is typical of human beings: human communication with a pre-verbal sense.


the footprint of the water is round and thick
the imprint of a shoe is heavy and precise …

About my way of working with amateur dancers

When working with people who are not professional dancers but have a special interest in art and dance, their bodies seem to have hidden information that is activated during the work. (…)

Wings of fire

A ball of red wool guided me on my way. I go home without shoes. (…)

Short story, long way

One day I arrived at an unknown house,I was travelling and as in every journey one does not know wellhow it will goand sometimes where […]

Beating wings

“Entangelments” has to do with a collective, social and cultural narrative and the fact that these kinds of symbols that underlie our society can restore […]


A fine weave of volatile cotton …