Marlen Wagner


like an unintentional gaze wandering across the glittering sea.


In the scripture of the angels, only one sign distinguishes curiosity from expectation – the last one. 


Having great expectations, having a preconceived notion of what is likely to happen – the prospect of future good (possessions, social advancement) goes astray not […]

Shadow pair

… as if in the corner of my eye, this other who is always there … who ultimately leaves and yet takes a part of what I am with her.


… like the calm in the eye of a hurricane.
The extent to which angels maintain intimate contact with humans remains a secret that is better not revealed. After all, there are draconian punishments that are described in the 1st Book of Enoch.

Morpheus, winged messenger of dreams

Morpheus and his brothers Phobetor and Phantasos are the sons of Nyx, the night. Among the Oneíres, Morpheus is the most powerful, as he can take on any form – even human.

Angel of the Resurrection

The Chemnitz resurrection angel shows no dramatic gesture, nor one of loud praise or silent prayer. He stands calmly on his pedestal, smiles reservedly and holds the empty shroud.