Frank Werner Pilgram

Transcend (Transzendieren)

… stands in angelic language for “transcending”, also in the Christian meaning of “Trinity” or psychoanalytically as “triangulation”; derived from this in the SDE are the terms for “heaven, sea and earth” as well as “head, body and foot”, “man, woman, child”, “light, shadow, darkness” …

Counter sense (Gegensinn)

… means both “truth” and “lie”, further “muse and muses” (Sg./Pl.).
It is accordingly used to designate “true and false”; in the political sphere, angels speak in this way of “right and left“ …

Skewness is a question of perspective

Frank Werner Pilgram
“Already in the myths of the fall of the light-bringer and of the enjoyment of the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of the human (…) intellect …”