Angels in Chemnitz

Morpheus, winged messenger of dreams

Morpheus and his brothers Phobetor and Phantasos are the sons of Nyx, the night. Among the Oneíres, Morpheus is the most powerful, as he can take on any form – even human.

Angel of the Resurrection

The Chemnitz resurrection angel shows no dramatic gesture, nor one of loud praise or silent prayer. He stands calmly on his pedestal, smiles reservedly and holds the empty shroud.

Three Angels up High

Three angels adorn the Judith Lucretia portal at the Seigerturm – but what story is being told? What do you think? Write us what you see!

Angel at the end of the road

An angel now waits at the end of the street during Advent and Christmas. Not only does he or she give light. The angel carries hope into a world that needs hope in times like ours.

Angel for Chemnitz

As part of our photo challenge “Messages of Angels”, we at Fraktalwerk Projektraum are also exploring Chemnitz and its angels, also from Berlin. Today a work in public space by Silke Rehberg, location: Chemnitz, Bahnhofstraße.