Counter sense (Gegensinn)

Self Portrait with Masks and Gloves, © Frank Werner Pilgram

… means both “truth” and “lie”, further “muse and muses” (Sg./Pl.).

It is accordingly used to denote “true and false”; in the political sphere, angels speak in this way of “right and left”, extended by “black and white”, “good and evil”, “right and wrong”. More generally, it stands for pairs of antagonismsuch as “fast and slow”, “heavy and light”, “concrete and abstract”. In a broader sense, this SDE word is used as a synonym for “face and mask” or in logic as a “contradictio in adiecto” (Latin), thus as what is called an “oxymoron” (rhet.).

Derived from this, the term “dialectic” (philos.) is thus translated into the celestial, if one wants to avoid any Platonic implication. Psychoanalysis understands this word to mean “ambiguity” and its emotional equivalents “ambivalence” or “love and hate”. 

Proverbially it is used among cherubim when they want to express that something has “hand and foot” in addition to wings, insofar also in the sense of “glove = grounded and securely grasping mask of the hand”, in Redwelian fallen angel therefore for “avoid fingerprints and traces”.

Frank Werner Pilgram