Glossary “Letters of Angels”

Many have already participated, have given words from the “Letters of Angels” their very personal meaning.

Now, in the second part of our project “Entangelments”, we are putting “Scripture” at the centre of our work and compiling a glossary of the “Letters of Angels”. And all those who would like to participate are cordially invited to join in.

By gradually giving meaning to this scripture, it is able to do something that other scriptures/languages are only able to do very ponderously: It can transcend the borders of countries and cultures, the borders of different books and the borders of ideas – but above all the borders in the mind. It can create connections where other languages must first be learned.

Thus, the “Letters of Angels” is at the same time the scripture of fantasy and poetry, the scripture of mystery and creativity. And thus, precisely because of its apparent incomprehensibility, it contributes in a wonderful way to understanding each other better.