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The Fraktalwerk gives space to aesthetic projects in which artists and non-artists do their thing and work together. They track down entanglements between realities. They explore threshold experiences and border crossings. And they explore the interfaces of artistic, cultural, social and economic practices.

Fraktalwerk projects exists for more than 15 years. Some participants work together continuously since the beginning, others periodically in changing constellations, still others take part in individual small project sections.

All of them repeatedly take on aesthetic challenges, test themselves and the respective theme in ever new spaces, which are commonly called theatre, film, dance, photography, performing arts, visual arts, literature, music, land art, urban art, fluxus, performance, but which are rather suspended in mixed forms in the Fraktalwerk.

The Fraktalwerk offers space for experiences in (joint) performative action in aesthetic projects and in dealing with their consequences. The Fraktalwerk’s aesthetic projects are a format for combining participatory art with aesthetic education.

More about the project space work on the Fraktalwerk website.

The project „Language of Angels“ is carried out as a participatory art project by Libertad Esmeralda Iocco (LEI), Ulrike Lynn (UL), Marlen Wagner (MW) and Robert Krokowski (RK) as part of the Fraktalwerk work. It is a long-term project on the horizon of the Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025. The micro-project 2020/21 „Gestures as Mediators between Cultures“ is the first section of this project.