Numepee dreams

Robert Krokowski/Marlen Wagner
Text: Excerpt from Marlen Wagner, “Numepee träumt”, published as an e-book by Fraktalwerk 2018.

In the cavity of an old brick wall, a strange find. A tin box with DVDs, on them stored texts, photos, small films and sound tracks. Inscribed with mysterious red characters. The finder sets off on a journey through the materials – and discovers Numepee.

“Without memory of what once was – and without knowledge of this damage to me. But with what is called the passing of time, a sense of an empty place within me germinated from that first defiant something.” Numepee, always searching. Searching for something that is missing. And which discovers, “Once I had been an angel and “angel” denotes the office I had held, not my nature – bearer of a message, not mediator. A servant, an executor of orders, obedient to the word. Why had I opened my eyes, refused obedience?”

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